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I ditched the!

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Sorry for the delay in posting. I manually changed my blog to a hosted account AND I had a fabulous header drawn up!

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Spinach Pumpkin Seed Pesto Quinoa

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This dish provides lots of iron to energize us for our rockin’ workouts!

Having adequate iron in your diet is essential, especially for athletes as we lose iron during intense exercise.  You need iron to produce hemoglobin and myoglobin. Hemoglobin enables your red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout your body and myoglobin, found in muscle cells, stores oxygen so we have it for use during exercise giving us energy for our workouts!

Lack of iron is a common concern for those who do not eat meat. While there is some validity to this concern, as plant based sources of iron have a lower absorption rate than red meat, there are plenty of non meat sources of iron and there are also ways to increase their availability.

Iron consumed in plant foods, nonheme, is only 2 to 20% absorbed whereas the heme iron found in meat is 15 to 35% absorbed. One of the best ways to increase absorption of nonheme iron is by also consuming Vitamin C food sources, which can increase iron absorption by 200-300%! ¬†That’s an insane increase in absorption and a promising sign we can get an adequate amount of iron from plant based food sources while staying away from red meat’s saturated fat. Nasty!

This quinoa dish combines several sources of both iron and vitamin C making it a great athlete’s fuel!

High Iron foods: spinach, pumpkin seeds, quinoa

High Vitamin C foods: garlic, parsley, lemon juice

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Warrior Smoothie:Not for the Weak

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Warrior getting ready for battle!

Move over acidic coffee! The best way to start the day is with a cup (jar) of greens!

Ok, I know what your first thoughts may be. A jar Lyndsay, really? That’s so not hot. Yeah, well let me tell you something, I have tried and tested every proposed bionic shaker there is and nothing beats a mason jar. ¬†Shake this baby and nothing, I mean NOTHING, not even a sprinkle, will spill out of it. ¬†I love my jars.

The green smoothies I typically have are fairly advanced, meaning you need to work your pallet up to be able to handle the taste.¬† As you start eating more of an unprocessed, whole food diet your taste buds will change, and you’ll start craving and appreciating food in their natural state without additives. It is a beautiful thing when this happens.:)

Regardless of the state of your diet and taste buds, you can still enjoy a beginner green smoothie.

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Fit Honey Mustard Dressing

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Romaine w/Roasted Red Peppers! Now how sexy does that look!?!

Back into ¬†competition mode I decided to break out Professional Ironman Triathlete Brendan Brazier’s book Thrive Fitness which I highly recommend, along with his first book Thrive for a brush up on my sports plant based nutrition. Both books are mainly about plant based nutrition and fitness but there are a few recipes which are catered to the athlete so I knew I would find something perfect for my current diet plan with a few modifications considering I don’t exercise for nearly as long as a triathlete.

In prep for my competition I plan on eating lots of greens so I’m looking to make new dressings each week because if I can dress my salads up with something delish it will really make the dieting process that much more enjoyable. ¬†Not that I don’t love my flaxseed and sea salt dressing, but come on. Boring!!

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Fit Chocolate Ice Cream

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Who needs Yonanas!?!

Ice cream you can have as pre workout fuel!

Last summer I was obsessed with eating banana “ice cream.” Then a few weeks ago I saw an advertisement for yet another kitchen gadget. ¬†I mean must we have a slicer dicer for every food?!

This one summer hit novelty makes ice cream out of bananas. ¬†While I like the idea of creating healthy, non dairy ice cream it really seems to me to be a shelf waster. ¬† I happen to love bare countertops with the exception of a few multi functional, easy clean up gadgets.¬†¬† One being my Blendtec Blender which just so happens to make perfectly good banana ice cream. ¬†It makes more of a soft serve consistency but I think that’s tastier anyway.

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Fit Sweet ‘n Sour Tofu

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My mother wasn’t much of a cook (I was so skinny back then God Bless her),¬†but one dish she made that I loved was Sweet and Sour P*#k. (censor on) To be honest, although I ate meat back then I really didn’t care for p*#k, but loved the taste of the sauce especially with rice. ¬†I have been on a pineapple kick lately and started craving the sauce, so I¬†went¬†to my good ole tofu standby to fill in for¬†the p*#k.

The anti inflammatory effects of ginger and garlic to help with muscle recovery, combined with all the antioxidants in the bell peppers and pineapple to prevent free radical damage, plus muscle building amino acids from the tofu, makes this¬†a stellar fit dish.¬† Plus it’s basically idiot proof (even though it looks really complicated) making this dish what the LGD recipes are all about! A beauty and fit recipe!¬†¬†I even made it gluten free and corn free by substituting corn starch¬†with gluten free all purpose flour instead. Aaahhh snap!

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Get ya Sexy Back!

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When buying a resistance band try not to go cheap. They break easy! Also you’ll notice on the biceps curl I do a side step. I’m simply releasing some tension to allow for some more reps.

Don’t forget to squeeze baby!